Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Art-Attack 2010

Art-Attack in the Northrup King Building

I look forward to Art-Attack for much of the year. The remainder of the year I look forward to Art-A-Whirl. More or less, the same event, but different time of the year.

What will be different in the studio this weekend is that Megan Bell Honigman has remodeled the studio. A cleaner look, whiter walls, and dammit we better keep it clean this time!

Meg has a number of new and smaller paintings that she has created over the past few months, and I will have my first showing of cloud photos that I am calling my Silver Lining series.

So remember, stop by Northrup King #274 on your way in or out. You won't be sorry for long!

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Michael McGraw - www.Local-Artist-Interviews.com said...

Thank you all for coming out this weekend. You made the time pass quickly (kinda quickly). I'm glad you like the cloud photos and I'll be sure to keep shooting crab apples for ya'll in the future. -Mike

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