Thursday, November 5, 2009

Art Attack - Studio Tours in the NE Mpls Arts District - 11/6-8

The Details are here:

Be sure to stop by studio #274 in the Northrup King Building. I have an entire wall of new photographs which I have not shown before, nicely framed and reasonably priced.

There will be 100-200 artists exhibiting this weekend--photography, painting, fibre arts, collage, made-up weirdipants art, jewelry, clothing, and whathaveyou.

Many studios will have snacks. See the details link for times and directions.

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Photographer/Artist based in Mpls, MN. I have a studio in the NE Arts District--Studio #274 at the Northrup King Bldg, 1500 Jackson St NE. I photograph elements of nature to explore color, shape, and composition. My goal is to capture images of the nature around me in a way that explodes (or seaps) with beauty. If that nature is in a vacant city lot, all the better. (All images Copyrighted. Use permitted with permission).

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