Monday, September 7, 2009

Hello! Russian Olive Tree Lovers.

Welcome fans of the Russian Olive Tree!

At least half of the visitors to this website started out with a search for Russian Olive Trees. Perhaps you are looking to make an effective windbreak. Perhaps the trees on your property are too healthy and you need a Russian Olive tree to such up all the moisture in the ground. Or, maybe, you own a highway and need some trees for an off ramp.

Most likely, you did not stop by because you were looking for art photos of invasive species. Please leave a comment to let me know why you stopped by today. I much appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

Yes I searched Russian Olive Tree. Turns out a bird had planted it for me..they have not been sold in my area for years. I was told not to get too attached to it as they have a great tendency to fall prey to bacteria and kill themselves off before full maturity. I'm just excited about the prospects of having 3" thorns on that's right by my entrance..goodbye solicitors!

Michael McGraw - said...

Interesting that you heard they are prone to dying. I have heard that they are hearty enough to survive the harshest conditions. I guess you will have to see for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by. i hope you enjoyed the photographs.

Anonymous said...

I have many Russian Olives I planted 6 25 years ago that are providing lots of shade and a place for many birds, the blossoms smell wonderful. in the last few years I have planted many more, they all looked good this spring. In the last 2 weeks I have a 8 foot tall Russian Olive that just began drooping, it is all but dead, yet the trees next to it are looking fine. What happened? I"m located in the high prairie of Wyoming so any trees that are hardy I"m all for. Breaks my heart I'm losing one.

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