Friday, July 17, 2009

Art Exhibit - Spotaneous - SpotArt Gallery - NE Mpls, MN

Artist Reception at SpotArt on Friday 7/24 from 7-11pm

1824 Marshall St NE, Mpls, MN

Artists, in order of appearance here: (Ethan Arnold, Scott Seekins, Michael McGraw, Arnie Hamel, Tim White, Keri Schneider, Michael Thomsen).

Music at 8. Art is for sale. Yo!


Michael McGraw - said...

Update: The reception was great! SpotArt really knows how to have a party. How they arranged the artists looked fabulous and the pieces they selected made sense as a unit. I enjoyed meeting Scott Seekins, Tim White, and Keri and her husband, Jim. I hope to run into you in the future.

David Harland was a great guitarist. He even played some Michael Hedges, which I have never seen anyone do before..

Much thanks to my friends and family who came to the event. John and Aida, John Nelson, Lisa and John and family--Gawd, it's been a lot of years), Caitlin who I did not speak to, regretfully, and my old pal Greg Page. You guys are awesome.

dev wijewardane said...

great DOF on the old type writer!

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