Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Diptychs: Tell Me What You Think of Them, Specifically and in General

Crab Apple Blossoms (What's Left of Them)
3 May 09 #35 / #33
I like diptychs.  Hard to spell, but I like them.   I like how they force me to compare the two images.  I like how I am drawn into an analysis of the images due solely to the fact that the two pictures are really close to each other.

I don't always like the result of the pairing of images.  Often the connect seems forced, and maybe even a little pretentious.  I am interested in reader input on my images and on diptychs in general.  Scroll through the site and see what you find.

I'll wait right here.

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Anonymous said...

1. You are funny.

2. I like diptychs a lot. This one is less appealing to me because there isn't much contrast, and I feel like the interesting part of a diptych is comparing two images for similarities and differences. If it's too hard to distinguish the differences, I lose interest.

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