Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holiday Weekend Visiting Milwaukee Art Museum and the Haggerty Museum of Art

Me on vacation in Milwaukee, WI.  Seen here in the entryway of the Milwaukee Art Museum.  Designed by Calatrava, who I hear is a heck of a nice guy.

This was my favorite thing to see at the MAM, and it was even the first thing you see when you enter the exhibit area.
Standing Woman, Gaston LaChaise.
At the Haggarty Museum of Art at Marquette University I was able to see work by photographer Sonja Thomsen. I am a big fan of her Crude
and Churn series and have been following her work.

The work above is from her Lacuna series.  One interesting thing about this project and how it is display, is that many of the pieces are tear-off photographs (which I hope people can keep) which results in each visitor having a different viewing experience than the previous viewer.  Very clever.  It reminded me of a project I saw many years ago by some one I cannot name who created a grid of images of decaying buildings; this person did not fix the photographs all the way so that over time they would fade to a blank piece of paper.  When the image was completely faded, the exhibit was over.
For these two exhibits alone it is worth visiting Milwaukee.  Also, there is a new  Goodwill collaboration with an upscale used clothing store in the 3rd Ward.  It is called Re-tique.  I found some good deals there.


Anonymous said...

It was a very arty weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for seeing the work Michael. Did you take any pieces with you?
I hope we get a chance to meet the next time you are in Milwaukee.

Michael McGraw - said...

I did take a couple of pieces. I keep them with all of my art--in my cubicle at work.

unmitigated me said...

My favorite piece of art EVER is at the MAN. It's a huge urn, decorated with women's figures, by Picasso. Next time you go? I'd buy a good photo of that from you if you took one!

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