Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall (Oct 1) #42

I am probably not alone in the belief that a picture of a tree in full autumn blaze can never be as beautiful as when you see it on your walk through the park.

I am hoping to get a four-season look at various trees, but am trying to avoid the traditional postcard-pretty picture of a tree.  It's tempting, though.  Minnesota is sooooooo beautiful this time of year.

This photo certainly says to me that it is fall, but still has the "Circles of Confusion" elements that I have looked for in me trees during other seasons.  I'll shoot more like this, I expect, as leaves thin out a bit more.

What we need is a good rain, but I can wait a week or two for that.


Elizabeth said...

What I like about this one is the contrast of the blue sky and the gold/mustard/green/orange leaves.

Michael McGraw - said...

I like the little spec of white branch near the bottom center, and that the leaves that are the most "fall looking" are the ones completely out of focus...

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