Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Crab Tree #62 (Sept 2)

I love how the less in-focus tine fruits seem to be suspended by nothing.

I wish I could paint.  I'd totally paint this.

...For those of you good with words, what might these Crab Tree photos make you think about or feel?  

I'm trying to write an artist statement and a lot of it is sounding a bit forced.  I could use some fresh perspective.

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Elizabeth said...

Mike, have you already tried painting? Just wondering. I bet you could.

As for crabtrees, they always remind me of the transient nature of . . . nature. And the seasons. Crabtrees, never seem to stabilize, they seem to always be in process, on the way from one season to another.

I don't say those are "good" words, but they are words, nonetheless.

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