Saturday, June 14, 2008


Tangle Tree #1
I'm attracted to those trees with the really whispy branches, where there is space between the leaves.  Trees like Chinese Elms, Russian Olive, and Weeping Willows.  These trees are filled with movement with the slightest breeze.

The Chinese Elm shown here is particularly interesting to me.  There is nothing particularly remarkable about this tree that one would call beautiful; in fact, I don't even know if this tree is healthy, judging from the condition of some of the leaves.  But as I stand under it with the big lens and the large apeture, leaves jump in and out of focus and the braches make supporting patterns.  I can take 5 pictures of the same view and get 5 different looks to the shot, depending on where the focus landed.

There is usually one that stands out as the most visually appealing.  I love this process of discovery.  It is exciting to likely be the first person to see that particular view of the tree.  Since it is just your average suburban neighborhood tree, it is unlikely that anyone has photographed it.  And it is equally unlikely that anyone saw what I saw.

It's like I captured a secret.  Perhaps all photography is like this. 

I like secrets.  See my recent gallery of images.

Another photographer I like who captures the unassuming quality of nature is Meg Ojala.  I came across a photo of her work at the Groveland Gallery in Mpls behind the Walker yesterday.


Elizabeth said...

The first thing I "saw" here was the negative space.

Very nice.

Anonymous said...

I will admit to liking this series SO much more than the water photos. We Capricorns prefer all things earth, and that includes plant life! These photos are so vibrant and joyful. I think they suit your personality much better than ice, though I know personality and artistic inclination aren't always identical.

Michael McGraw - said...

I believe this was on Judson St, one of the best Streets in Evanston!

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