Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tangle #4 - Coon Rapids

Tangle #4 - Coon Rapids

I'm quite attracted to the contrast of the beautiful green color with the browned and hole-y leaves.  It has a very yin-yang quality that I like to represent in my photos when possible.

Since I postponed my Water/Ice series due to the closure of the Lowry Bridge and the fact that it is hard to find Ice when it is 85 degrees out, I have been trying to get away from photographs that represent the balance between illness and health, but shots like this keep bringing me back to this idea.  

Life is fragile.  Life is strong.

Today I saw the work of a photographer whose work I found very interesting. Her name is Julia Babb.  This photos I saw today were of DT Mpls examining the reflections in the buildings.  It was a fascinating look at the distorted surroundings placed in the patterned confines of the concrete and metal of the buildings.

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You are smart. FYI.

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