Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Art-A-Whirl Wrap Up

I spend much of the year anticipating the awesomeness of Art-A-Whirl and then it is over. Now what? I don't know.

This is my 2nd Art-A-Whirl in the Northrup King Building. It was great to catch up with old friends and even some fans. Yes! Fans. Some people said they stopped by specifically to see my work. I promised one person previously that I was going to have microscopes set up to view my photos mounted to microscope slide
s. This did not work out so well. Perhaps if I had something better than a $8 microscope it would have worked.

I have a centerpiece photograph that always gets a lot of attention. This might be because it is an enormous and shiny 40x60 inch print. When you get up close, you notice the dozens of geese floating in the steaming water.
I wish I would have taken more frames of this scene. I have not found a scene like this since.

As an experiment, I'm gonna link to a video of my Art-A-Whirl display. Check it out for a better idea of my current projects.

Next month I will be in my new studio on the much-coveted 2nd floor of the Northrup King Bldg. I will be sharing space witha favorite painter of mine--Megan Bell.

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Anonymous said...

This is an excellent shot.


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