Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Toddler 40-Year-Old

This is my nephew Tim.  He turns 2 in a couple weeks, so it is up to me to document the event with a portrait.  Is it just me or does this kid look like he's about 40?  And has had a tough go of it, too?  The pic on the left is my Thomas Ruff tribute.
I like the leather sport coat and the phone.  He likes talking on the phone but will only answer yes and no questions.
Age 2 seems to be the best age for kid portraits, in my experience.  Old enough to like saying "cheese" but too young to be concerned with how you look in photographs.

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Fresca said...

Pictures of kids as adults make me a little sad, though these are cute!
I guess I like us as kids running around nude with dirt in our hair. (Even when we're grown up.)

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