Monday, September 2, 2013

Mona Lisa of Robbinsdale - SOLD at the MN State Fair Fine Arts competition

So, I'm pretty excited to have gotten into the MN State Fair Fine Arts competition this year.  I made it a few years ago with my Geese on the Mississippi River photo.  Mona Lisa of Robbinsdale was shot earlier this year at night outside a second hand shop.  There is a 3 foot by 4 foot Mona Lisa print in the window.  I was testing out my new camera and its low-light capabilities and caught the reflections of the traffic, too.  The headlights lined up with the nostrils.  Pretty funny.

Anyway, so I got into the fair competition, went to check it out and it took me forever because it was on the last wall on the left.  What did I see?  A red dot!  Sold!  I'm so happy this photo will be sitting in someone's living room.  So happy I don't need to make another trip down to the fair grounds to pick up my photo, too.

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