Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Iceland - Monument to the Unknown Official/Bureaucrat

Monument of the Unknown Official/Bureaucrat
Reykjavik, Iceland
As a bureaucrat myself, I was especially excited to see this monument. This is now one of my favorite statues of all time. From the Frommer's website:

"In the courtyard behind Lækjargata 6 is The Unknown Official. Several countries have monuments to the Unknown Soldier, but perhaps only Iceland has a sculpture honoring -- and lightly satirizing -- the thankless, anonymous job of the bureaucrat. The 1994 sculpture by Magnús Tómasson depicts a man in a suit holding a briefcase, with his head and shoulders subsumed in a slab of unsculpted stone."

Unfortunately, the courtyard where this statue lives was closed during my visit. Nothing but telephoto shots and no head-on pics. I'll take what I get, though.

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