Thursday, March 25, 2010

Walker Sculpture Garden - Monolith and Clouds

Monolith and Clouds
(Walker Sculpture Garden - Mpls, MN)

I am so relieved to find this image on a back up disc. The original photos from this shoot are somewhere on a crashed hard drive, never to be seen again. So let this be a lesson to you and back up those images, even asking your lab for a back up disc of what you printed. My thought is that if it is good enough to print, it is good enough to have another copy of the images laying around.

This photograph offered the unlikely combination of cotton ball clouds on a day when I was creating artificial landscapes from sculptures in the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden. For awhile, I was going to the sculpture garden on a regular basis to see what could be done in different lighting conditions. Also stuck on the dead hard drive are some shots of this sculpture on a rainy cloudy day. I pray for those to show up again, too.

If you look closely enough when you enlarge the image, you will see a lady bug.

Wouldn't you like to see this image printed 40x60 inches on a metallic paper? Call me!


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Amanda said...

Wow. Great pic. the texture is great as well.

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