Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weeds in Upscale Neighborhoods - Edina, MN

1 July 09 - Weeds - #16 / #15

I hate eating lunch in the break room of my office. Mainly because I do not care for 1 minute of sports talk. Plus, one dude slurps his soup ceaselessly, and another talks with his mouth full and has a lot to say. On every nice day, I head across the road to an abandoned parking lot to eat my lunch. I pull up the the edge and watch the nature: hawks hunting, swallows swooping, orioles orioling (?), and there are lots of bees and bugs and other interesting things.

For most of this summer, the edge of the field has been filled with these purple-flowered weeds. Bees love them. I love them, too. This image is of weeds growing through the cracks of the concrete. Nature is a persistent force, no?

I'm kicking around this as a new project. Weeds in Upscale Neighborhoods. Edina is pretty swanking. High school kids will call Edina high school kids "cake eaters." The homes and yards in Edina, MN are beautiful, immaculate. The only seedy side is really just weeds in parking lots.

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