Sunday, November 11, 2007

What you find when out taking pics

Bag of pot on leaf

I live in North Mpls.  It is fairly safe where I live even though my house was broken into last year and both of my cars were stolen.  Even still, I'm staying.

I was taking photographs of the crab apple trees along the outside fence of the cemetery when I looked down and found the tiniest of bags.  It had pot in it.  I haven't seen pot (outside of watching Weeds) since I was about fifteen.  I was a bit surprised to see it today.  I've actually never seen a bag of pot this small before.  Perhaps this is a dime bag because it could only fit a dime in it, meaning 2 nickles.

So, I opened the bag, took a big whiff, confirmed it was pot, and scattered it in the wind.  That was kind of fun.


Elizabeth said...

Good move. Getting some of your own back.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for not bringing it home.

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