Saturday, November 22, 2008

Crab Apple - Winter - Nov 3 #4

Looks like a Marichino Cherry Tree

Did you know that marichino cherries contain red dye #5, and that due the red dye #5 ban, the cherry industry was able to continue to use this cancerous dye?

The marichino cherry lobby (yes, there is a marichino cherry lobby) was able to get around the restrictions that effected candy like M&Ms by using this defense:

The said the rules should not apply to them because people would only eat one at a time, not handfuls like with M&Ms.  This may be true with ice cream sundaes, but I like my Manhattans with 3 cherries.


Anonymous said...

I always give you my cherries ...

I never seem to be able to come up with particularly insightful things to say about these photos. I'll just stick with what I know: This is gorgeous.

Elizabeth said...

You must be positively embalmed by now, Mike!

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