Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Russian Olive #187 (Oct 2)

Russian Olive Tree along Washington Ave

Lots of olives on this particular tree, which is a bit rare.   Maybe not, though.  This could just be when this tree fruits, or olives.  

Did you realize that it is impossible for the naked eye to see a tree in this way? Standing under the branches like I was, every branch was in complete focus.  With a 200mm lens at f4 I get the little flying faeries floating around the edge of the frame.

Though, with my new and fancy bi-focals, I often see blurry floating faeries around the edge of my field of vision, mainly the lower half of my field of vision.  Damn bi-focals!


Elizabeth said...

Poor Mike, dang bi-focals!

I love this silvery, sagey tree against the sky.

Anonymous said...

They looook sooo gooood ... I wanna eat 'em.

Michael McGraw - www.Local-Artist-Interviews.com said...

Sally, I don't think many people will get your obscure Captain Beefheart references, but I certainly appreciate them.

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