Thursday, October 30, 2008

Humbug Holiday Card Sale

Holiday Cards

I have three style of Holiday Cards for sale this year:

Humbug / Season's Greetings--This photo is of a former neighbor's house who wrote Humbug in Christmas lights on the railing over his porch.  A lovely card for those with a slightly cynical view of the holiday season.

The North St. Paul Snowman--As a 30 foot concrete snowman along Hwy 36 in N St Paul, this image is of a familiar landmark that cannot help but make you smile, though I have met some people who are creeped out by it.  I bet those people are afraid of clowns as well.

Snoboy--This image is of the former Snoboy Fruit Company sign, now the site of the Mpls police station.

I am now accepting card orders for any and all of these cards.
Individual cards are $4 a piece.
Packs of 5 are $18.
Ask me about additional discounts for large orders.

I expect that these will sell quickly so let me know soon how many cards you need.  Paypal accepted.


Elizabeth said...

Great work, Mike.

Michael McGraw - said...

I just got the cards in the mail. They look great. They look like real cards! Maybe I won't seel them and just use them for myself.

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