Monday, September 22, 2008

Pizza Luce - St. Paul - Exhibit Through October 2008

Pizza Luce - Buckthorn Images

This month will be the first public display of my post-Ice images.  I am currently showing photographs of cross-sections of tree branches at the Pizza Luce in St. Paul at 1183 Selby Ave (Just West of Lexington Ave).

Pizza Luce is a nice place to show art.  They have good lighting, a rail to hang your photos from without putting nail holes in the wall (though I see a few people in the past year have pounded a few--and it shows.  It messes up the paint, people!)

Budding Leaves and a Blue Sky

I haven't hung a show in awhile which required suspending the images from wire.  The last couple places had hooks in the wall which meant I could hang 20 pieces if about 40 minutes.  Today's installation took me about 90 minutes.  I broke a sweat.  I did not plan ahead, either.  I forget to bring a scissors or anything else to cut my wire.  Next time.

These images are relatively small--12x12.  Framed without a mats in black wood frames.  All photographs are for sale at a very reasonable price.  You'll probably want one.  Originally these were test prints to see which I should enlarge for my grid of four 24x24 inch display.  I decided on one of the buckthorn images--little rounds leaves, light blue sky.  Very peaceful images, for such a hated, invasive, species.

Pizza Luce

One thing you'll find when you stop by to check out the pics and have a slice or two is that the staff here are the sweetest group of tattooed pizza purveyors you will find anywhere.  There may be hardcore punk music blaring from the kitchen, but it really is remarkable how universally nice everyone is at the Pizza Luce in St. Paul.


Elizabeth said...

That looks like a nice installation and location, Mike!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Can't wait to eat yummy pizza beneath the beautifully photographed branches.

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