Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day 15,341...Continuing

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Yesterday I turned 42 years old.  I was not too happy about it in the days leading up to it.  2 weeks ago, the optometrist said I needed bifocals. 

I have a couple tricks to help people make the most of their birthdays, aside from having parties, special dinners, and celebratory friskiness.  They are these:

  1. Go to Dairy Queen twice in one day.  I love Dairy Queen.  Check out my DQ Ratings Blog.  If you are so inclined, Grand Ole Creamery is an acceptable alternative.  Perhaps you will be there during Grand Old Day on 6/1.
  2. Make a Birthday Mix.  This creates a soundtrack for your birthday and assures that nothing you hear on your big day will suck.  On my mix for this year, I included Lady Sovereign "Love me or Hate Me," Lupe Fiasco "Kick, Push," and Weird Al Yankovic "White and Nerdy".
  3. Convert your age into days.  If you are going to be old, you may as well see really old.  Age Converter.
So far, 15,341 is going pretty well.  I got the cool birthday mix after all.

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Fresca said...

I did two of these three things, sort of, this year. I converted my years to days for the first time ever (somewhere in the 17,000s, which pleased me for no particular reason). I didn't make a mix for me, but I'd recently made my first ever mix on computer (I used to do cassette tapes) for a friend's birthday.
But my birthday is in March, and DQs are closed then...
So sad.
But I had a giant ice-cream brownie sundae at Pizza Luce so the day was saved.
Happy Belated Birthday, Mike!

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