Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Art-A-Whirl All Weekend (5/16-5/18)

This is where you want to be. 100s of local artists of amazing quality opening their studio doors to the public, selling you things, and trying to make a living.

I work out of Studio 404 in the Northrup King Bldg for now (I am moving to #274 next month). In my studio there will be bands on Friday and Saturday, Rune stone readings throughout the weekend, chair massage, and art projects for the kids.

Check out the complete details here: Link to Complete Details.

Also, we will have a keg of 1919 Root Beer on tap!
Also, I have photographs from $12 - $1200.
Also, I look forward to seeing old and new friends.

Stop by if you can, and tell your friends. Mike

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