Sunday, April 20, 2008

Cool Enough for the Bryant Lake Bowl?

So this past Friday, Sally and I, made our plans to go to the Bryant Lake Bowl in Uptown, Mpls.  There was some presentation by some professor about chemical attraction.  Something like that.  I don't actually know because we never got to see the presentation due to a typo in the date of the email that was sent around.  Oh well.

For those of you who are not familiar with the BLB, be assured that you can find scenesters there--people with their complicated glasses and their dirty, angluar, haircuts, and expensive clothes that looks really old.

When I got dressed for the day, my first thought was, "This ain't cool enough for the Bryant Lake Bowl."  Cool enough for casual friday at the office, but not for BLB.

Then I thought, "If I have to plan for what to wear to best fit in at a bowling alley, then I am obviously not cool enough to be there."  Anyone who is cool enough would already be wearing the appropriate clothes for the venue.  

How many posers, like me, were there trying hard to fit in? Lucky for me, most scenesters do not go to the BLB at 6:00pm.  It was mainly just 50-60 year old couples on double dates before heading to the Lagoon for the 7:20 movie.  I am not sure if I fit in that night; it might depend on if you think the "Can you hear me now?" dude would have fit in.  He and I dress a like.  For now.

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