Monday, February 25, 2008

Water / Ice / Illness

IMAGE: Down River from the 35W Bridge Collapse #1

Over the past two years I have been photographing the Mississippi River as it freezes and thaws. It has been a meditative experience, returning to the same location week after week. Because it has been so cold this winter, I often wake up excited to see what changes took place from the day before.

A theme that has developed with this study is one of illness and recovery. It is a subtle balance. The river, overall, is a grand and beautiful body of water, but as the ice freezes and thaws, it is not always so pretty; brown slush seaps through new snow, ice sheets break off and rethaw to create ice scar tissue, or the snow turns grey over time leaving me hoping for a fresh blanket of snow.

But then there are times when the patterns made by the ice are so beautiful that it is like the water has healed itself.

The image posted here was taken down river from when the 35W Bridge used to stand. From the color of the ice and the chaotic patterns, it feels like this portion of the river still has some healing to do.

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